Development Services

Increasing demands on new products in terms of functionality, quality, costs and development time can only be met by employing the latest CAE methods. Applying a wide range of methods is essential for virtual product development. IABG can actively support you in this respect with its many years of experience. We offer to perform analyses, optimisations and simulations of production and functions. Our primary aim is always to improve the quality of your products, reduce costs and shorten development time.

We see ourselves as providers of special services. Our experts support your development departments with their own hardware and software, also on your own premises as required. In most cases, our engineers work on site at the customer's in efficient, autonomous and independent teams, so-called "Centres of Competence" (CoC).

Our centres of competence work in projects in the following areas among others:

    • System integration and test management steering systems
    • Configuration of a comprehensive simulation environment for chassis
    • Simulation and modelling of a complete vehicle in the advance development phase
    • Conceptual car design for car body development
    • Gearbox calculation supported by our own self-developed tools

    For "virtual development" we have a large pool of experts in all the relevant disciplines.

    Our development services