Land recycling

for former industrial, military, and ordnance sites

As an independent service company, we possess current expert knowledge from 30 years of experience in national and international projects. Even today, former industrial and commercial sites oftentimes pose a hazard to humans and the environment, due to decades of production and the use of a multitude of substances.

In addition to conventional pollutants, particularly military and armament sites – such as production plants, munitions institutes, weapons disposal sites, explosion sites and sites where bombs were dropped, etc. – are burdened with explosive substance compounds and chemical warfare agents and their degradation products. In any case, waste residue poses a severe obstacle for the reuse of these areas.

IABG specialists possess the required precise skills and the specialist knowledge regarding the construction of facilities, technological procedures, and the diverse chemical degradation processes of highly toxic environmental pollutants that are related to various sources of waste residue 

Our services

  • Determining the pollutant burden using load profiles
  • Remedial investigations and risk assessment
  • Remediation planning and technical supervision
  • Implementation and management of remedial measures
  • Waste disposal management
  • Monitoring
  • Conversion and environmental management
  • Conducting expert training
  • Aftercare and recultivation