Cyber Defence

Cyber Defence

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Digitization and networking are of strategic importance in the military environment. While the so-called Military Internet of Things provides a network for traditional IT systems, it also hosts an increasing amount of sensors and actuators that are present in every digital platform and weapon system. For economic reasons, more 'commercial off-the-shelf' (COTS) products are used, which do not precisely meet the specific requirements and needs of the military. This is why cyber attacks is continually increasing in this sector.

To achieve adequate cyber security during operations, comprehensive reinforcement is required for military platforms and weapon systems. Their effectiveness can be checked with penetration tests that reveal vulnerabilities, thus ensuring the correct risk analysis. In turn, the risk analysis serves as a basis for designing technical security measures to minimise the risk. Our approach successfully meets the challenge of implementing suitable measures for the vast number of embedded systems.

We advise you on the implementation of results from recent studies and research, the development of demos, and the reinforcement of platforms and weapon systems. We make sure that you receive a comprehensive overview of the cyber situation and provide the respective training programmes..

Your added value

  • We carry out F&T studies for cyber security.
  • We design and implement technical prototypes and demonstrators.
  • We advise you on the specification, awarding and implementation of technical security solutions for reinforcing platforms and weapon systems.
  • We assist you with an introduction to and further development of comprehensive overviews of the cyber situation.
  • We draft training concepts for you.
  • We increase cyber security awareness among your staff and train the troops for cyber security.