Protection against cyber attacks is achieved - among other things - by implementing measures and technical specifications of IT security concepts. Such concepts ensure that your IT is safe from attacks by

  • Appropriately segmenting your systems and services,

  • Implementing suitable security gateways like firewalls and data diodes,

  • Using cryptography to encrypt and authenticate information.

For early recognition of any other cyber attacks we recommend the deployment of sensors like virus walls, intrusion detection systems or honeypots.

Aside from the implementation of security solutions, the ongoing operation of those solutions is of great significance to their success. Regular updating as well as generating and administrating necessary codes and certificates via a PKI are decisive here. The information from the security sensors is compiled in a Security Operation Centre (SOC), which captures, processes, and evaluates the information by using a central Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM). Based on this information and partially supported by a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), specialists activate appropriate measures to counter cyber attacks. In this case, the SOC/CERT is either operated independently by yourself or it is provided as a managed security service by an external service provider.


Your added value

  • We draft technical and customer-specific security concepts.

  • We identify and evaluate security solutions.

  • We make recommendations regarding the operation of your security solutions.

  • We draft specifications and technical award documents for you.

  • We assist you with the expert choice and introduction of security solutions.

  • We perform threat analyses and verify security measures through penetration tests in selected areas.