Internet of Things – Industry in Transition

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution. It fundamentally changes the processes in industrial production. From simple to highly complex production processes, more and more steps are being automated. Products are increasingly controlling themselves through production. This requires seamless communication between man and machine as well as between machines. Today, automated business processes require comprehensive communication between the office environment (Information Technology) and the production environment (Operation Technology).

The Future is Interconnected 

The networking of machines in production, or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for short, offers companies new opportunities for value creation as well as savings and optimization potential for their production processes. The secure and automated exchange of information covers all value-added levels of a company, from the field level to the plant manager level to order processing (company level). Not only the manufacturers themselves must be involved in the communication, but also their suppliers, distribution partners and customers. This also applies to older plants (brownfield), some of which still use proprietary technologies.


Cyber War and the Growing Demands on Industrial Security

Due to the continuous networking of production processes, previously isolated areas can now be reached via public networks in more and more ways. Attack scenarios, which previously played out primarily in the classic office environment, now also encompass production facilities and production processes. While in the office environment confidentiality is usually the prime security objective, in production it is availability and integrity. The disruption and interruption of production processes quickly leads to considerable economic damage.


Secure Networking of IT and OT

Secure networking across the entire office and production process minimizes the risk of falling victim to cyber attacks or sabotage. The security assessment should be carried out across IT and OT and also include the virtual image, the so-called digital twin.

Successful Information Security in Your Company

Benefit from our many years of project experience, especially in areas with critical infrastructures with special demands on confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. We apply international, standardised procedures such as the ISO 27000 series or the IEC 62443 series of standards for cyber security in industrial automation.

We support and advise you across IT and OT, for example with the

  • Recording and inventory of the existing components in your production,
  • Optimisation, modernisation and further expansion of your industrial communication networks including the integration of existing plants (brownfield),
  • Risk analysis, i.e. the identification of your values (assets) and the evaluation of their protection needs, weak points and threats,
  • Design, introduction and implementation of security concepts adapted to your needs,
  • Introduction, further development and operation of an information security management system.

Your Added Value

  • Careful and neutral analysis of your technical infrastructure – We support you in the secure networking of your production over the entire process cycle. 
    • Analysis of your communication systems in the IT and OT sectors.
    • Determining the individual protection needs of your assets.
    • Identification and evaluation of weak points and risks.
    • Reduction of risks in the most cost-effective way.
  • Elaboration of customer-specific concepts and strategies – Our experts develop solutions tailored to your needs. 
    • Creation and optimisation of technical concepts for the secure networking of your production as well as your supply and distribution chains.
    • Drafting of security concepts (Security by Design) tailored to your needs and including technical and operational aspects.
  • Support during realisation – We support you in the implementation of secure networking, taking customer-specific security concepts into account.  
    • Identification and selection of suitable components and systems that meet your individual requirements.
    • Consulting during the introduction and further development of an information security management system.
  • Operational support – We accompany you in the continuous improvement of your digitised operating processes.
    • Optimisation of your production processes.
    • Modernisation of the networking.
    • Operation of your information security management system (ISMS).

We help you focus on your core tasks
Our consulting, individually tailored to your company, puts you in a position to use the opportunities of Industry 4.0 comprehensively and securely. We help you with secure networking in the IT and OT environment. This keeps you up to date in the field of industrial security and minimizes your risk of cyber attacks.  As an active member of the Security of Networked Systems working group of the Industry 4.0 platform, we are working continuously on the further development of security in the production environment. You as a customer benefit from these results, as we incorporate them into our projects. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core tasks in production.

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