Engineering support

The IABG space centre offers an up to date engineering department and has its own mechanical workshop. The spectrum of tasks reaches from design of complex test adapters and thermal systems, up to adjustments of mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE) during a test campaign.

The development of test-relevant MGSE requires detailed knowledge of its use in the Assembly-Integration-Test phase, as well as the necessary test facilities and procedures. Since we as IABG both operate the German national space centre in Ottobrunn as well as the ESA test centre in Noordwijk, we can offer two crucial advantages to our customers:

  • Test-specific MGSE requirements, already considered during the design phase
  • Test adapters qualified on the same test system, which used later to perform final tests

The IABG spectrum hereby reaches from interpretation, construction, calculation, manufacturing, up to qualification of test-relevant MGSE:

  • Test adapters for mechanical tests
  • Thermal test adapters
  • Test item trolleys including levelling/turning devices
  • Temperature-controlled thermal plates, Albedo plates
  • Infrared irradiation facilities
  • Matching FE calculations (mechanical and thermal)

Technical consulting

One of our further strenthgs is the highly-skilled technical counselling of customers concerning all test and facility-related issues.

When it comes to counselling services concerning the preparation and implementation phases of your test campaigns or the setup of your own test facilities, IABG can look back on over 60 years of experience in the operation of test facilities and the implementation of space test campaigns.

Our services:

  • Development of test concepts and test specifications
  • Technical analyses and consultation in the areas of structural dynamics, thermal vacuum systems, electromagnetics, product qualification and optimisation
  • Counselling concerning the setup of your own test facilities