Determination of mass characteristics (MPM)

IABG has a number MPM facilities to accurately determine the physical mass characteristics of aeronautic and space systems, their components, pay loads or various other technical devices. Exact data on mass, centre of gravity and moment of inertia of a test item is necessary to, for instance, optimally control the satellite’s position in space.

We are even able to measure large test items along three axes using an L adapter and a rotation device.

Determination of mass characteristics (MPM)

  • Precise determination of the test item’s mass
  • Determination of the centre of gravity (CoG)
  • Determination of the axial mass moments of inertia (MoI)
  • Determination of all deviation moments derived from residual imbalance data on a test item or MoI measurements
  • Determination of main inertia axes derived from MoI measurements
  • Static / dynamic balancing