Space simulation including solar simulation

Modern satellites are complex systems consisting of different subsystems and components. External influences, such as sun exposure, the earth’s Albedo radiation, low space temperature or the system’s internally generated heat affect the satellite and can result in satellite components becoming too cold or hot. The calculation and optimisation of the satellite’s “thermal balance” therefore is a challenging task which is to guarantee that all satellite systems function optimally.

Such extreme environmental conditions can be simulated in IABG’s WSA/TVA space simulation facility. The integrated solar simulator accurately reproduces solar radiation using xenon lamps. A movement simulator allows the test items to rotate under test.

Additional thermal plates (active or passive) as well as infrared irradiation systems can be integrated into the test facility as required.

Space simulation tests

  • Simulation of high vacuum, low background temperature and solar exposure (space conditions)
  • Artificial sun ray creation using xenon lamps
  • Free movement of the test object relative to the sun radiation using a movement simulator