IABG is highly aware of its commercial, and therefore its social responsibility. The creation of sustainable values for our customers, qualified jobs and training places for our employees, appropriate reinvestment of our profits and sound returns for our investors are all supplemented by our social commitment. This is true both where we are based and where we recognise our focus on technical innovation and its successful application. The following examples provide an impression of our commitment:

Sustainable encouragement 

Collaboration with Universities

IABG maintains close scientific cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, thereby fostering contact between industry and higher education.
In addition, IABG awards grants for outstanding papers, theses and dissertations through the Chair for Aeronautics and Space Flight at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich. 


The goal of Atlantik-Brücke e.V., founded in 1952, is the promotion of mutual understanding between Germany and other states, particularly the United States of America, Canada and other European states. Through its membership of Atlantik-Brücke, IABG actively contributes to the promotion of friendly relations between nations. 

German Museum

For over 100 years, the German Museum has made outstanding contributions towards communicating technology and science to a broad audience. In order to do this, the Museum requires both staff and financial funding. IABG is a member of the “Society of Friends and Sponsors of the German Museum”, and thereby supports the spiritual and material advancement of this highly important technical museum. 

Open Day

IABG regularly offers interested visitors an insight into its broad range of services. In tours, presentations and brief lectures, complex associations are easily explained to layperson visitors. 


Sponsoring activity

“Lachen helfen – Helping happiness along”

German soldiers stationed in the war regions of the former Republic of Yugoslavia as part of the international peace mission from 1996 onwards, had first-hand experience of the indescribable human misery caused by the conflict. On their return, they decided to act immediately and alleviate the suffering of those most severely affected by the war – women, children and old people. To this day, these people often lack the basics for survival. In 1996, the “Lachen Helfen – die Privatinitiative deutscher Soldaten zur Hilfe für Kinder in Kriegs- und Krisengebieten” initiative was thus founded. 

The objective of this non-profit association, officially recognised in 1998, is to avoid red tape and fast track support to where it is most urgently needed. Soldiers on site are allowed to assess the needs of people realistically and rapidly. In addition, they guarantee the necessary security of donated goods, ensuring they really do reach the ones in need and remain in place. 

IABG supports “Lachen helfen”.


IABG Vision

  • IABG offers its customers integrated, future-oriented solutions in the area of sophisticated technologies for the security sector. We provide impartial, competent consulting. We operate reliably and sustainably.
  • Our international market presence and our success are based on technological excellence and our fair relationship with customers and business partners.
  • The basis of our success is the broad spectrum of specialist competencies of our committed staff.
  • Our actions are guided by sustainability, our social responsibility and the well-being of the people employed by us.

Guiding Principles

We generate added value for our customers/business partners and IABG.

We maintain our independence as a basis for objective consulting.

We communicate appreciatively, trustingly and on time.

We cooperate dependably and use our abilities in common.

We create an attractive work environment with interesting and challenging assignments.

Our executives align their actions and decisions to the success of the IABG Group and the well-being of our staff in mind.

We provide for clear parameters and promote self-reliant acting.