The nationwide introduction of the digital radio network for all authorities and organisations concerned with public safety is one of the most far-reaching technological modernisation projects in Germany to date. The BOS Digital Radio Network provides a number of different advantages over the old, small-scale analogue radio networks and so meets the operational-tactical requirements for modern, secure and fast communication for operational services like the police, fire brigade, emergency medical services and civil protection.

Our specialists give support across the board of services of the BOS Digital Radio Network from planning and procurement to migration to implementation and operation – always with the focus on optimum technical and economical solutions.


Our Portfolio in the BOS Digital Radio Network Sector

  • Network operation and reinforcement – Operation and monitoring of federal state network and system technology through to terminal devices and site provision, and planning of the implementation of measures to increase availability of the entire radio network infrastructure.
  • IT security – Security audits for federal state network and system technology, establishment of an appropriate information security management system including documentation and certification.
  • Radio network planning, analysis and optimisation – Tool-based testing and evaluation of the quality of your existing radio coverage and planning of optimisation measures.
  • End-to-end service availability – Testing, acquisition and analysis of availability and quality of end-to-end services as well as the setup and operation of a monitoring system.
  • Site provision and metropolitan concepts – Realisation of technically and economically useful solutions for radio coverage and connection to the BOS digital radio network of single sites or a network of sites in urban areas – metropolitan concept; individual testing of existing site radio systems and their interaction with the free field.
  • Introduction of alert activation with TETRA "Call Out" – Determination of the necessary requirements and elaboration of a concept to introduce the service into the radio network and control centres.
  • Implementation of new technologies – Assessment of new technologies like All-IP and Digital Radio 2020plus, for example, as well as the creation of tailored concepts and decision templates.


Our References for BOS Digital Radio (excerpt)

Operation of the German-wide BOS digital radio network

IABG is responsible for the conceptual security of the operator ALDB.

Setup and Operation of the BOS Digital Radio Network

We have given comprehensive support to the Ministries of the Interior of the German Federal States of Bavaria, Brandenburg and Baden-Württemberg in all technical, operational, organisational and economical matters during the introduction and operation of the BOS digital radio network:

Design and support of operating processes (like user management, configuration management, service desk, network monitoring and tactical technical operating centres, for example).

  • Planning of the access network.
  • Radio network planning and optimisation.
  • Radio analyses and function tests.
  • Planning and authorisation of site radio systems.
  • Introduction of substitute network systems based on fuel cells.

G7 Summit 2015 at Elmau Castle in Bavaria and G20 Summit 2017 in Hamburg

Our experts were there for the preparation and execution of the summit in Elmau. We performed radio field analyses and assisted in the operation.

We supported the G20 Summit in Hamburg with IT security concepts for the digital radio network. IT security management was central to the work we did.