Even today, old industrial and commercial sites are often still a danger to people and the environment due to decades of production and utilisation of all sorts of hazardous materials. In particular former military and armament sites like production factories, ammunition dumps, facilities for the disposal of explosive ordnance, shelling and bombing sites, etc. are contaminated with explosives, explosive ordnance and their degradation products in addition to the usual pollutants. In such cases, the contaminated sites are an enormous obstacle for the reutilisation of the land areas.

The IABG specialists solve even the toughest of problems. Here, specific knowledge beyond general expertise in contaminated sites is required about how the plants were constructed, about the technical procedures and about the often highly poisonous and carcinogenic materials involved in industrial and armament-related contamination

Our services

  • Remediation planning and investigation
  • Remediation of commercial and industrial sites
  • Remediation of military and armament contaminated sites
  • Biological remediation procedures

IABG supports the owners in the investigation, remediation and further development of contaminated sites. We can also provide supplementary services in addition to our environment portfolio:

  • Cost estimation
  • Utilisation concepts
  • Coordination with authorities / moderation
  • Public relations / site marketing
  • Environmental impact analyses
  • Planning and support for dismantling services
  • Construction site management and monitoring
  • Construction site logistics
  • Property management / information systems