To determine the dynamic behaviour of oscillating systems we use experimental modal survey tests (EMA). The available test facility is fully mobile and can hence be used at any suitable test site. Modal survey tests can be accomplished using the step sine or MIMO technology. Sophisticated modal analysis technologies are available to optimally estimate the modal parameters.

We additionally perform so called output-only modal survey tests on basis of data generated during vibration testing using our analysis software.

In recent years also micro vibration characterisations of sensitive test items under simulated space conditions have increasingly gained importance. In this area IABG has developed reliable procedures to accurately determine these micro vibrations.

Modal survey tests (EMA)

  • Determination of natural frequencies and vibration patterns, modal damping parameters, and effective masses using the phase separation and the phase resonance method under artificial vibration
  • Measurement of dynamic stiffness, transfer functions and transmissibility

Vibration data analysis (OMA)

  • Measurement and analysis of oscillation data (e.g. shaker tests)
  • Measurement and analysis of operational vibrations

Dynamic characterisation

  • Characterisation of non-linearity and damping behaviour analyses
  • Characterisation of micro vibrations also under simulated space conditions
  • Simulation of dynamic loads during start and in-flight phase