Exhaust gas analysis

For exhaust gas measurement our high altitude chamber is equipped with a roller test bench and an air fan. It supports both industry-standard and customer-specific test cycles (e.g. the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) or the US Federal Test Procedure (FTP75).

During a driving cycle, two sampling lines are used to continuously measure the CO, CO2, NOx, THC and CH4 emission values. Using this method, the integral concentrations of emissions can be determined for up to four phases during the driving cycle. The system also supports gravimetric particle measurements.

The high altitude chamber can also be used for analysing engine components and for adjusting the respective control units based on defined deployment and load conditions in order to analyse and optimise powertrain characteristics. By controlling and monitoring environmental conditions measurement results can be reproduced and compared over various periods of time.

Portfolio / Services

  • Altitude simulation
  • Exhaust gas analysis, particle and consumption measurements
  • Drive dynamics testing under different environmental conditions


High altitude chamber

  • Effective interior dimensions [L x W x H]: 8.5 m x 4.5 m x 4.3 m
  • Temperature range: -30…+50 °C
  • Maximum cooling capacity: 180 kW
  • Controlled relative humidity: up to 95 %
  • Ambient pressure: approx. 950 hPa to 630 hPa
  • CVS emission measurement: 2 sampling lines
    (1. tailpipe : diluted emissions in bags and modal emissions/
    2. engine out: undiluted emissions at separate sampling point)
  • Roller dynamometer with
    Pmax = 210 kW, tractive force = 6 kN, vmax = 200 km/h,
    vehicle weight simulation of up to 8000 lbs
  • Air fan:
    • Rear-wheel drive vehicle: max. 34.000 m³/h, max. 130 km/h
    • Front-wheel drive vehicle: max. 26.000 m³/h, max. 100 km/h