We test in compliance with international and national standards of military and civilian aeronautics and specific standards of automotive manufacturers as well as according to customer-specific standards from all sectors of industry (electronics and engineering, medicine, railway and ship technology, for example).

Acoustics laboratory

Our acoustic test facilities are equipped for a wide range of acoustic tests and the determination of sound transmission paths in vehicles including components large and small.

  • Anechoic chamber 340 m3 via reflection plane
  • Determination of transmission paths, vibration and acoustic couplings, solutions for acoustics problems
  • Measurement of sound pressure and sound power in compliance with DIN ISO 3740 ff or comparable standards
  • Determination of transmission paths

Modal laboratory

Our modal test facilities are designed and equipped for both small test items (e.g. electrical contacts) and very large test items (e.g. vehicles, aeroplanes and carrier rockets) and feature over 1000 channels for large-scale testing. Mobile implementation of the facilities is also possible. High-precision facilities for determining mass properties and static test facilities round off our range of applications. Determination of eigenfrequencies, natural vibration modes, modal masses and damping characteristics under artificial excitation as well as measurement and analysis of operational vibrations.

  • Generation of simulated static and dynamic loads
  • Definition of static and dynamic stiffness
  • Determination of limit loads (static test)
  • Non-linearity testing
  • Tests performed in our own building with special foundations for testing or on-site at the customer's location
  • Damage detection on complete vehicle test benches

Calibration laboratory for vibrometers

  • Acceleration sensors
  • Shock sensors
  • Assigned measuring amplifiers