IABG operates a self-developed resonance test bench for valve springs. It permits us to test a large number of valve springs at room temperature and at higher temperatures (up to 200 °C) with constant and variable loads and at high frequencies (up to 25 Hz). The test bench supports all types of valve springs and is limited only by the maximum permitted load (20 kN) and the length of the springs (max. 80 mm).


Execution of fatigue strength tests for prototype approval and series production monitoring according to the relevant technical delivery specifications.

  • Determination of eigenfrequencies
  • Determination of spring characteristics
  • Fatigue strength testing of up to 48 springs simultaneously
  • Static set tests

Technical data:

  • Two testing positions (left and right)
  • Maximum load allowed at each testing position, Fmax = 20 000 N
  • Maximum pre-load allowed at each testing position, Fm, max = 13 000 N
  • Maximum stroke possible, H = 80 mm
  • Maximum distance between the fixture plates, L = 250 mm
  • Testing frequency
    fo = 0,6 x sqrt(n x R)
    n = total number of springs
    R = spring rate [N/mm]
    fo = 2 to 20 Hz
  • Pre-loading Automatically or manually according to the load or displacement
  • Stroke control Displacement controlled (resolution: ±0,02 mm)
  • Temperature control, Tmax = 200 °C
  • Constant or variable amplitude (spectrum) testing possible