DROP – Decontamination and Revitalisation of Oilpolluted Land



  • is a biological remediation procedure for soil and ground water
  • is a joint development of the companies IABG and Henkel/Cognis
  • is a procedure that has been developed especially for large-area contamination with biologically degradable materials like mineral oil and fuel
  • can be used in-situ and ex-situ and combined easily with other procedures
  • is soil conserving
  • is environmentally friendly:
    • no washing out of soil content or contaminants into the ground water
    • no soil excavation, no soil transport
    • exclusive use of easily biodegradable materials (mainly approved food/fodder) on the basis of natural raw materials

DROP requires very little equipment-technology and can also be applied in water protection areas.


BioREx – the new on-site procedure for decontaminating sites contaminated with explosives

  • no toxicological / ecotoxicological-related metabolites
  • suitable even in cases of heavy contamination
  • cost-effective