Qualification of rail vehicles and components

Analysing. Testing. Qualifying.

IABG has been active in the field of securing technology solutions for more than 60 years. As a manufacturer-independent service provider in the development process, we provide support in the areas of approval, operational monitoring and maintenance, as well as in failure analysis.

Development partner of the rail industry

We see our role as a development partner of the rail industry. Our focus here is on the testing of components, the construction and operation of customer-specific test benches as well as development and analysis services. For component and structural tests we provide test infrastructure at our locations. This enables us to carry out tests on fatigue strength and simultaneous environmental simulation (e.g. temperature, climate, dust, corrosion and stone impact). Our material laboratory completes our range of services with any necessary damage investigations. Results from the operation are transferred into higher availability and optimum utilization of the rolling stock. The respective manufacturer and railway standards are applied in our test centres.

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Build-up Competence Center
Railway Technology Dresden


At the Dresden location we operate test benches for testing bogie frames and car bodies, at the Ottobrunn location we carry out failure analysis with the most modern testing equipment. We look forward to working with you to ensure your technology solutions.

Key services for the qualification of rail vehicles