Vehicle and System Simulation

The combination of mechanics, electronics and information technology is producing ever more intelligent systems with extended fields of application and completely new functions. The growing number of control devices and their numerous variations, close networking and the increasing distribution of functions demand leading-edge development tools and test systems.

We assist our customers in the development of these complex mechatronic systems. From concept drafting to modelling, simulation and analysis to optimisation and experimental testing on test benches and in road tests - we provide all services from a single source. Our latest hardware-in-the-loop and system test benches serve to optimise functions and consolidate the design of steer-by-wire systems and networked chassis control systems, for example. We test the behaviour when individual components fail and ensure functionality through continuous operation tests and simulation of failure scenarios.

Our services

  • System engineering of complex mechatronic system according to the V-model: definition, specification, simulation, integration, test, application
  • Simulation-supported design and virtual back-up of passive, semi-active and active systems
  • Development of functions and rapid prototyping of control systems for chassis, powertrain and auxiliary systems
  • Development and support of customer-specific test systems and test benches: HIL simulators, system test facilities, function test benches
  • Test partner in the development process of embedded systems: test and quality management, specification, execution and evaluation of test programmes, transfer of complete test packages

Examples from the fields of simulation, system analysis and function prototyping

  • Inclusion of complete service packages in the virtual development process
  • Design and back-up of drive control systems with component and complete vehicle models
  • Design and optimisation of vehicle vibration properties and comfort using MBS simulation
  • Powertrain and engine simulation for analysing consumption, load collectives and emissions
  • Parameter identification and comparison of models with measurements from test bench and road tests
  • Model-supported development and code generation of high-level functions in the control device
  • Development of evaluation and interface software for linking simulation environments (FE, MBS, 1D simulation)