Complete vehicles

Not all functions and aspects of fatigue strength can be covered by component testing. It is often essential to test the complete vehicle. IABG has various test benches and test chambers for this purpose:

  • Complete vehicle test bench
    Vertical Dynamic Structural Test Bench (VESPA) and Aggregate Services
  • Roller test benches
    For testing drive shafts, performing engine applications and running function tests.
  • Exhaust gas analysis
    Emission measuring and assessment in compliance with the standard cycles (NEDC, FTP-75, etc.).
  • Vibration testing
    Hydraulic multi-axis vibration table for testing vehicle bodies and vehicle pre-aging.
  • Solar simulation
    Simulation of solar radiation on a complete vehicle.
  • Metrology
    Sensor application, telemetry, photogrammetry, measuring data acquisition and evaluation, analysis of operational vibrations.
  • Road tests
    Application of complete vehicles and performance of road tests.
  • Acoustics laboratory
    Examination of the acoustic properties of vehicles in various acoustics chambers.