Non-destructive testing • NDT Procedures

Securing structural integrity requires specific structural analyses and adapted structural inspections.

IABG provides expert advice concerning suitable measures for sustaining structural integrity and qualified technical personnel to undertake structural inspections according to customer specifications and in compliance with official requirements.

Our range of services includes:

Structural Inspection

Either in our test laboratories or in mobile on-site facilities, we perform inspection tests according to customer-specific requirements and with flexible implementation of the latest technological equipment.

Our experienced specialists possess the required qualifications up to stage III according to EN ISO 9712 or EN 4179 (NAS410) for eddy current testing (ET), ultrasonic testing (UT), dye penetrant testing (PT), magnetic particle testing (MT), visual testing (VT) and x-ray testing.


Technical and Scientific Consulting

  • Selection of inspection procedures and drafting of test regulations
  • Development and validation of NDT procedures
  • Optimisation of structural inspections with non-destructive tests
  • Performance of non-destructive tests
  • Consulting and quality assurance in the development and manufacture of structures

Inspection and Damage Documentation

  • Drafting of inspection manuals (non-destructive testing manuals)
  • Design and implementation of calibration standards as part of the inspection manuals
  • Documentation of inspection results according to customer requirements or in the IABG format

The damage documentation and damage management can be recorded in the IABG software DamDoc, a server-based database. The experience gained from innumerable fatigue tests on aircraft is a solid base that permits reliable and rapid communication and coordination with our customers.