Artifact-free cell opening and electrode characterization

Service provided

  • Electrochemical and computer tomographic examination of the cell
  • Artifact-free cell opening
  • Specimen extraction
  • Elektrolyte
  • Elektrodes / separators
  • Safety elements
  • Examination of cell components
  • Physical, mechanical and chemical analyses

Project results

Established procedures for

  • Cell opening and extraction of components
  • Imaging analyses on safety elements
  • Adhesive force determination electrode material
  • Cutting edge characterization of electrodes
  • Fractured particles in cathode
  • Determination of electrode homogeneity
  • Coating edge assessment (profile of height, offset)
  • Determination of water content of electrodes


Benefit for our customers

  • Method development for quality control as well as for failure analysis on memory cells
  • Large number of analysis instruments and option of individually expandable analyses