Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

A realistic assessment of situations can make the difference between life and death for soldiers in combat in military decision-making processes. Fast and founded intelligence gathered among all possible civilian and military sources as well as timely reconnaissance information are indispensable preconditions for every command and operational planning decision. They are integral components of the entire R-C-J chain (reconnaissance - command – joint fires).

We analyse future architectures, evaluate solution proposals and optimise reconnaissance tools. We have many instruments for the entire reconnaissance cycle, evaluation and situation assessment, allowing us to determine interoperability and interface problems in early stages already.

With these platforms we cover the entire spectrum of world-wide and wide-range reconnaissance as well as reconnaissance in the operational area.

Our expertise:

  • Aerial reconnaissance
    • manned systems
    • unmanned systems (UAS)
  • Space-based reconnaissance (RGA)
    • reconnaissance satellites
    • satellites for space-based early warning systems in the BMD context
  • (Ground) evaluation systems
    • evaluation software
    • automated evaluation procedures
    • annotations
  • Operational planning with TOPAS
    • Sensor planning
    • Flight path planning
    • Situation display
  • Information/ data management
    • ISR data source interfaces
    • standardised data exchange of reconnaissance and surveillance systems
    • NIIA - NATO ISR Interoperability Architecture
  • Information merging
    • merging information from different sources
    • AUGE – automated risk identification
  • CCIRM (Collection Coordination and Intelligence Requirement Management)
    • simulation of the Recce/ Intel cycle
    • simulation of processes and process cycles

Our co-operation of many years with the appropriate NATO committees (e. g., JCGISR - Joint Capability Group on ISR) completes our expertise.