Procurement support

In the procurement support service segment we closely accompany and support in particular our national customers along the new procurement and utilisation concept of the German Federal Armed Forces. We provide important contributions in the phases:

  • project management
  • analysis phase as well as the
  • implementation phase

Thanks to our in-depth system understanding and the knowledge of the operational requirements and challenges we are able to point out risks early and to guarantee a comprehensive quality management.

Based on our technical expertise we advise our customers on possibilities and limits of systems which are already available or in the development phase. Here, we resort to own models and simulations and use virtual prototyping to provide crucial design input which facilitates the integration into existing systems already in the initial project phases. Our efficiency and life-cycle analyses offer important information for the subsequent implementation phase. Our services range from (contractual) award support, the realisation of test and validation campaigns, all the way to acceptance support and integrated verification. Error and change management complete our portfolio in the procurement support segment.

In our company history of over 60 years we have contributed to the procurement process of virtually every larger procurement project of the armed forces.