Urban Analyses - Introduction of the Split Wastewater Charge

Based on highest court rulings, many cities and municipalities are obliged to separate their wastewater charges according to the share of wastewater and rainwater, respectively. Over the past thirteen years, the IABG has accompanied 43 cities and municipalities in southern Germany on their way to introducing split wastewater charges.

The contributory share of the rainwater results from the sealed areas in the land parcels. The degree of ground sealing can be measured or estimated using different methods. Both are based on aerial imagery, which can either be analyzed photogrammetrically for separate land parcels or used to define areas of comparable surface runoff. To involve the citizens in this process, information sheets are automatically generated from the database and sent to the landowners for inspection and approval. The documents returned by the citizens are reviewed and incorporated into the database, which is delivered to our customers for the contribution calculation.

Our services

  • Advice on the appropriate procedures
  • Public relations work
  • Conducting the imaging flight
  • Capturing the sealed surfaces
  • Creating personalized information sheets
  • Organization of citizens’ participation
  • Dispatch of the information sheets
  • Incorporation of citizens’ responses