Remote Sensing

A view from above

Satellite technology and remote sensing have a decades-long tradition at the IABG. During this time, we not only tested numerous satellites regarding their suitability for space travel in our Space Test Center but also extracted information from images captured by a wide range of sensors.

As such, our geodata experts process image data from optical sensors and radar images, as well as from LiDAR point clouds. Depending on the desired level of detail, images captured by satellites, aircrafts, or drones (RPAS) are used. 70 highly qualified employees use this Earth observation technology to solve a variety of issues that can affect a whole continent or even just a single land parcel. Thereby, the images are not only evaluated visually but are also semi-automatically classified using methods of object-based image analysis (OBIA).

Due to the increasing availability of satellite images with a high spatial and temporal resolution, remote sensing is becoming ever more important for Earth observation..

Our expertise, proven within the framework of Copernicus services, makes the IABG a reliable and sought-after partner for European institutions..

Areas of application

  • Land cover / land use mapping
  • Monitoring of critical infrastructures
  • Risk and damage analysis
  • Monitoring border security
  • Urban development
  • E-Government

Our services

  • Advice on the appropriate procedures
  • Procurement of the image material
  • Image processing / georeferencing
  • Image interpretation / image analysis
  • Presentation of the results

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Remote Sensing – a view from above