iJaNet® – Our Mobile Radio Jamming System of the Latest Generation

Secure Prevention of Unwanted Mobile Communications

iJaNet represents the latest generation of our mobile communication detection, jamming, and drone detection system. Our system detects unwanted mobile communications and prevents them from happening in a secure way. The detection system covers different communication platforms such as WhatsApp® and Messenger®, for example.

iJaNet® is much more than just a mobile phone jammer or blocker. Our system covers the entire frequency range from 700 MHz to 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and - in the future - 3.5 GHz as well. Additionally, it is also going to cover the new 5G standard, which is expected to be introduced by 2020.

You can configure the system either for detection alone, or for both detection and jamming. You can switch from one of these configuration options to the other at any time.

We have designed iJaNet® to cover broadband and we made sure that the hardware is equipped for extensions in frequency and power. Our mobile radio jamming system can be configured through software interfaces, which allow you to include or exclude frequencies and services as required.

The mobile radio jamming system is modular, so we can adapt it to spatial and technical requirements, even if these are subject to constant change.

iJaNet® is decentralized and semi-autonomous, thanks to its intelligent architecture. If a section of the mobile radio jamming system fails, the rest of the system remains functional.

We have made iJaNet® mobile to respond to temporary concentrations of activity. The iJaNet® mobile system is integrated in air-conditioned containers and can be transported on freight vehicles or trailers to the required deployment site, a prison, for example. This eliminates long lead times for infrastructure and investment planning. Furthermore, we offer flexible operating times and financing models.

Your added value

  • iJaNet® ensures secure implementation of bans on illicit mobile communications via mobile communication terminals on the site of your correctional facility.
  • iJaNet® is future-proof thanks to flexible extension options and frequency settings via software interfaces. Your advantage: low costs for acquiring new frequencies.
  • iJaNet® can detect drone approaches (optional).
  • iJaNet® does not jam the BOS digital radio network (TETRA BOS) or DMR/paging systems.
  • We implement only tried and tested technology.
  • The mobile iJaNet® system guarantees rapid setup and startup.
  • The semi-autonomous configuration of the system permits fail-safe execution.

We meet all the requirements of the German Federal Network Agency and of the German Federal Emission Protection Ordinance.

We will be glad to provide references and proof on request.