What does the term digitization mean?

The term digitization is omnipresent and has become an integral part of our vocabulary. What does the term mean?

Analogue information is converted into digital information. "Analogue" refers to different physical quantities and media that were used to store information. Today we store digitally. Digitization presents everyone with new social and economic tasks. Solutions are actively being sought to turn the real challenges of digitalization into opportunities.

Shaping digitization securely

Our core concern is to make digitization secure for Germany. Every day, we support our customers in the public sector and the operators of critical infrastructures: their information and communication systems are designed and implemented by us in an IT-secure manner. The daily challenges show us: digitization must be designed securely.

Goals of a secure digitization

  • Early preventive measures: cyber-attacks as well as economic damage to companies and public administrations must be prevented through cyber security measures.
  • Enable secure remote connections: New Work knows no borders and has arrived in the world of work. Within public authorities, secure remote connections from the home office enable stable access to the internal network.
  • Digitization of workflow processes: Existing processes within public authorities are digitally implemented and integrated for electronic administration and customer service portals. This also affects critical infrastructures.
  • Establish and use resilient satellite communication services and satellite navigation services: Near-earth satellites provide different services. One service in this area is global internet access. The Galileo PRS navigation service provides an encrypted and interference-resistant service for government-authorized users.
  • Adopt and use secure cloud applications: Increasing amounts of data are challenging users with how and where to store it. Data is increasingly being outsourced to cloud environments. It is important to protect them securely and from external attack.

What we do concretely for secure digitization:

  • We certify processes and applications for our customers and protect them from external threats.
  • We secure public authority networks with the right cyber security measures.
  • We create a secure environment for critical infrastructures.
  • For our customers from the environment of authorities and organisations with security tasks, we plan functioning and highly available control centres and situation centres.
  • We make satellite navigation resiliently usable with the Galileo PRS.
  • We deliver secure communication solutions.
  • We advise our customers on the integration of secure radio systems.
  • We manage projects in the field of secure digitization and support our customers in the awarding of challenging IT projects.