Nuclear technology - engineering for retrofitting, decommissioning and dismantling up to greenfield status of the site (unrestricted re-use)

Technical processes, special equipment and facilities in the field of nuclear energy technology are at the centre of the technical discussions surrounding the phase-out of nuclear energy. Safe and qualified nuclear technology is a core issue for decommissioning beyond the end of life of nuclear facilities to greenfield sites.

We have taken on this complex challenge: The Niederaichbach power plant was completely dismantled in the 1990s. From first to last step – from conception of dismantling to radiological clearance for subsequent demolition - we technically accompanied and assessed all phases. We are an accredited and independent partner for authorities, energy suppliers and the industry in the field of retrofitting, storage, development and qualification of special equipment.

We plan, design, qualify, implement and dismantle - and together we find a customised solution at the highest safety and quality standards and actively accompany the energy transition. Contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

Test, Simulation & Qualification

From the smallest component to the entire system:

Impact & high risk testing
Drop tests
Vibration & seismic tests
FEM calculation & seismic validation
   (digital twin)
Environmental simulation
Material investigation and failure analysis
✓ Qualification programs on special test benches

Engineering & Products

From retrofit solutions to ready-to-use remote dismantling equipment:

✓ Special systems for dismantling
   (manipulators, caisson)
Dismantling technology,
    remote handling solutions (HMS)

Laser decontamination (La Plus)
Virtual technologies (VR)
Special test benches

Consultation & expert opinion

We take care of your request individually:   

✓ Expert opinion
✓ Approvals
✓ Planning documents, project management,
   award procedures, risk management
Retrofitting, radiation
    protection, emission monitoring

✓ External impact (EVA)

Application examples

This is what the qualification of your product could look like:

✓ Measurements during operation
✓ Qualification loads
✓ FEM & dynamic properties
✓ Stressability
✓ FEM based evaluation methods
✓ Computational qualification
✓ Test engineering qualification
✓ Failure analysis
✓ Consulting and product optimisation


IABG Services for Nuclear Technology