Verification and adjustments of emission monitoring equipment

Room and exhaust air monitoring systems in nuclear facilities have to be constantly up to date with the latest science and technology standards and meet the current specified regulations.

The transition to decommissioning and the actual deconstruction phase, characterised by very unstable ventilation conditions, modify the requirements for the monitoring systems and make renewal indispensable. Variable volumetric flow rates, modified aerosol particle distribution caused by the deconstruction work or an inflexible layout of the monitoring system that cannot comply with the decommissioning concept, are just a few examples.

Our services

  • Design of an optimised emission monitoring system
  • Theoretical assessment and calculation
  • Implementation planning for new ducts, sampling systems and measuring devices taking into account all the conditions, parameters, standards and guidelines
  • Qualification of the air sampling site and of the air sampling ducts according to DIN ISO 2889
  • Qualification and calibration of the velocity and volume flowrate of exhaust air according to ISO 10780
  • Assistance with reconnection and (re)commissioning activities
  • Creation of technical and legal documentation for nuclear application documents