Project references

IABG offers various test facilities of different size and efficiency allowing us to efficiently perform test campaigns on test items in a wide variation of types and sizes. The spectrum hereby reaches from individual tests on simple components, tests on larger structures such as antennas, solar panels or electronic units, all the way  up to the complex qualification of an entire satellite fleet.

Exemplarily for the variety of the numerous projects carried out in recent decades are the following large-scale projects of the last years:

Test campaigns:

  • Test campaign on Sentinel-6/ Jason-CS satellite
  • Test campaign on EDRS-C satellite
  • Test campaign on the Solar Orbiter space probe
  • Test campaign on the GRACE-FO satellites
  • Test campaign on Sentinel-2A satellite
  • Test campaign SWARM satellite fleet
  • Test campaign LISA Pathfinder S/C
  • Test campaign Vulcain 2 and VINCI engine for Ariane 5
  • Test campaign SARLupe satellite fleet
  • Test campaign TerraSar X and Tandem X S/C
  • Test campaign PAZ S/C
  • Test campaign CryoSat S/C
  • Test campaign on several heavy telecommunication satellites
  • Modal test survey VEGA launcher
  • Modal test survey AMS02 instrument for the ISS
  • Mechanical test campaign for Ariane 5 ESC-A and EPS upper stage
  • Test campaign NIRSpec instrument for JWST
  • Test campaign SLSTR and MWR instrument for Sentinel 3
  • Test campaign SAR instrument for Sentinel 1
  • High temperature thermal vacuum tests on Bepi-Colombo components

Engineering support:

  • Setup and advancement of the IABG test facilities (e.g. vibration tables, 320kN shaker, modal test facility, EMC absorber chambers, acoustic chamber, 2.5m He-TV A)
  • Setup of a levelling system for the LSS (large space simulator) with ESTEC
  • Development of IABG’s solar simulator for WSA/TVA as well as for ESTEC and JAXA
  • Technical support for the setup of a TV chamber with NUROL in Turkey
  • Albedo plate for TerraSar X S/C
  • Test adapters SWARM S/C
  • Thermal test adapter CryoSat S/C
  • Vibration adapter Sentinel 1 LCT instrument
  • TV test setup for Sentinel 3 MWR instrument
  • Test adapter and MGSE for VINCI engine
  • Vibration adapter Ariane 5+ ESC-A upper stage

Management consulting

  • Programming of the OOV missions TET for DLR
  • Project support: Definition and implementation of military satellite systems
  • Project support: Implementation of a thermal vacuum system in Turkey
  • Project support: Definition of a communication satellite system in the United Emirates
  • Project support: Pay load planning for a communication satellite system in South Korea