Akustik, Schwingungsverhalten und dynamische Lasten

Akustik, Schwingungsverhalten und dynamische Lasten

We run experimental and numerical analyses in the following areas of the dynamic behaviour of units, components and systems liable to vibrate.


  • Acoustic harmonisation of vehicle systems in the vehicle or under laboratory conditions (steering, stabiliser control, gearboxes, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives, powertrain, etc.)
  • Actual status evaluation, improvement and optimisation, recommendations for packaging, pre-series and series releases
  • Set-up and operation of test benches for the development of systems regarding fluid-borne and structure-borne noise and assessment
  • Advice on design, simulation and prototype construction in the field of acoustics
  • Coordination and/ or support of development work by OEMs and suppliers
  • Support in the drafting of specifications and creation of processes

Vibration behaviour and dynamic loads

  • Measuring of operational vibrations (dynamic loads, dynamic responses, structure-borne and fluid-borne noise)
  • Analysis and assessment according to specified standards as a basis for component testing and for the development of test procedures
  • Analysis and assessment of ride comfort, rough road analyses
  • Mobile measurements in vehicle or on test bench, also with ignited engine
  • Sensor applications, in particular DMS applications for determining loads on ignited or rotating parts
  • Calibration of test parts (bending, torsion, rotating bending, tension, internal pressure etc.)
  • Determination of static and dynamic properties of components, body in white and complete vehicle
  • Identification of structural changes
    • 08.08.2019 IABG launches high-speed external drum test bench
    • 26.04.2018 Oerlikon and IABG partnering to accelerate qualification of additive manufacturing components
    • 08.08.2017 IABG new National Instruments Alliance Silver Partner
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