General contractor for MAXI: Important milestone reached

IABG is the general contractor for the MAXI multi-axial test stand for wheel-driven land vehicles at the Wehrtechnische Dienststelle (WTD 41) in Trier.

The complex commissioning of this worldwide unique test stand starts with the insertion and installation of the first test item. "By the time this important milestone was reached, we had successfully mastered all the challenges, such as the planning and construction of the infrastructure required to operate the test stand, as well as the coordination of the many individual trades, on schedule. The realisation is still fully on schedule and we are looking forward to continuing the constructive cooperation with our customer," says IABG project manager Andreas Walter. 

After completion of the commissioning with the current vehicle (Multi FSA), an endurance test and the commissioning with a second vehicle class of the German Armed Forces will take place.