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Safeguarding AI

IABG's safeAI team develops solutions for the evaluation of AI safety and robustness, currently focusing on computer vision applications.

We combine the vast experience of IABG in testing, analyses, and certification processes as well as the latest AI-focused activities in standardization committees like DIN and ISO/IEC with current academic research.

Our software provides a safety framework for autonomous systems.



Aspects of AI Safety


In the development of the safeAI safety framework, current AI regulations are taken into account.


The safeAI toolbox helps your AI to fulfill state-of-the-art measures on AI robustness.


Data is collected, labeled, and augmented automatically from within our simulation.

Runtime Assurance

The runtime assurance concept is utilized by the safeAI drone simulator.


The deployment of machine learning workflows increases efficiency and reproducibility.


The safety dashboard provides meaningful insights into the performance of your algorithm.


Our Solutions

Simulation Environment

Based on Unreal Engine and AirSim, our photorealistic simulation provides support for any kind of sensor possible - to create a world as detailed as reality itself.


Safety Dashboard

Adjust simulation parameters by hand or let our software suggest how to improve your algorithm.

Uncertainty Quantification

Estimate and interpret uncertainty of each prediction. Detect untrustworthy results and ensure safe decision-making.


Urban Air Mobility

Our software enables a safe flight of autonomous drones and air taxis.

Autonomous Driving

We audit and assess AI models to mitigate vulnerabilities of autonomous vehicles.


safeAI provides explainable and trustworthy AI decisions in medical imaging.

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