Satellite navigation (PRS)

Galileo Public Regulated Service – PRS

The European satellite navigation system Galileo is currently being set up. The first official services have been on offer ever since 2016 and the system is due to be fully functional by 2020. Galileo offers various services including the Public Regulated Service – an encrypted, robust service for governmental authorised users. The users of Galileo PRS range from operators of critical infrastructures to armed forces and the police to civil protection and emergency medical services. Compared with other satellite navigation services the Public Regulated Service provides greater resilience to interference, jamming and spoofing.

For many years we have been advising and accompanying national and international customers regarding various aspects of the Galileo PRS.

Robust and tamper-proof satellite navigation

Our experts have been working for over ten years in the field of satellite navigation with their main focus on the Galileo PRS. With their many years of experience they support our customers in meeting the multiple requirements of the governmental authorised users.

Your added value

  • We analyse and support the user requirements: This includes the user-group-specific installation and configuration of the necessary interfaces
  • We advise on security aspects: Alongside elaborating the necessary security concepts we help you implement the Galileo-specific security requirements
  • We advise on the technical and operational aspects of the Galileo Public Regulated Service
  • We develop user scenarios for a robust and tamper-proof satellite navigation service
  • We carry out risk analyses, tests and validations
  • We lend support in the procuration, installation and operation of the Galileo Public Regulated Service

Satellite communication

We design satellite communication systems tailored to the needs and requirements of our commercial and military customers.

Our services range from a survey of the requirements to configuration to assumption of operational tasks. We have put our high standards in programme management and support in procurement successfully to the test in national and international programmes.