Fatigue strength testing laboratory

Our fatigue strength testing laboratory is accredited in compliance with DIN EN ISO 17025 and can support you in the areas below:

  • Design and analysis
  • We analyse the test requirements and regulations and draft the design criteria and test specifications as required by the customer.
  • Realization and test concepts
    In addition to developing, designing and constructing test superstructures we also perform the tests for you with data acquisition and evaluation.
  • Data evaluation and calculation models
    We evaluated the data acquired and analyse the results in line with standard concepts or as specified by the customer or according to our own developments.

We provide:

  • Material tests according to facilities:
    • Static tests: up to 100 kN (spindle testing machine)
    • HCF and LCF tests:
      • loads up to 150 kN: electrodynamic
      • loads up to 1,000 kN: servohydraulic
    • Temperatures -150 °C to +900 °C
    • Environmental conditions (humidity, salt fog, salt spray)
  • Material tests according to topics:
    • Tension tests in compliance with DIN
    • Creep strength
    • Wöhler fatigue tests
    • Statistical methods
    • Fracture mechanical testing
    • Thermo-mechanical fatigue
    • Temperature and climate
  • Data generation and testing of sensor technology
  • Cost-efficient test execution especially for long test times