Comprehensive options for safeguarding mechatronic systems

IABG mechatronics rack: A solution for diverse challenges

The integrative solution from a single source in one place for a wide range of challenges in safeguarding mechatronic systems.

When qualifying and safeguarding mechatronic systems, it is often necessary to superimpose additional mechanical stress, vibration and climatic environmental simulation of the components.

With the mechatronics rack, IABG offers an integrative solution from one source in one place. An expansion of test environments for mechatronic DUTs is possible.

This means that, among other things, dynamic tests of active rear axle steering systems under environmental influences, functional tests of active roll stabilisers or service life tests on chassis actuators can be realistically reproduced.

The mechatronics rack contains all subsystems such as residual bus and on-board power supply simulation for tests of electromechanical systems in existing test facilities. In future, it will no longer be necessary for the customer to provide hardware and personnel. Commissioning of DUTs can be realised online.

  • Extension of test environments for mechatronic DUTs
  • dSpace Scalexio for residual bus simulation (CAN, FlexRay)
  • On-board power supply simulation (12 V / 48 V), bidirectional power supply
  • Test automation by stand system or mechatronic rack as master
  • Typical test items: EPS steering systems, rear axle steering systems, active roll stabilizers, drive systems etc.
  • Typical test scopes: Environmental simulations, life tests, functional and development tests, structure-borne sound analyses etc.
  • Communication with DUT: CAN (2x), FlexRay (2x), switchable bus interruption
  • Bidirectional power supply: 0 – 60 V, ±450 A, connections for two DUTs (200 A each), voltage and current measurement (2x), quiescent current measurement (2x), Kl.30/40 switchable (2x), Sense (1x), optional: SuperCaps, redundant power supply
  • Logic supply: 0 – 30 V, 10 A, connections for two DUTs, voltage and current measurement (2x), Kl.30 switchable (2x), Kl.15 switchable (2x)
  • Additional inputs and outputs: AI ±10 V (5x), AO ±10 V (5x), DI (4x), DO (4x), temperature (8x), CAN (5x)
  • Interfaces to peripheral control unit: RS232, Ethernet, analogue