Test centre for tyres, wheels, wheel bearings and brake discs

We have been testing the components of wheel assemblies in our facilities for over 30 years. Our highly qualified and competent experts develop and operate test systems for qualifying wheels, tyres, wheel bearings, drive flange hubs and brakes as well as the wheel assembly as a whole.

On our Flat Trac tyre test bench (Flat-Trac ® III CT), tyres are exactly measured, characterised and parameterised.
Cycles as per the standards of the working group for wheels (AKR) or individual operating load simulation tests (BLNV) are run on the biaxial wheel test bench (ZWARP) and the brake disc test bench (BSP). The BSP with its much higher performance is designed for testing brake discs, but also permits the use of a half-axle set-up (wheel mount, wheel bearing, brake and wheel).

Specially developed test benches such as the impact test bench are used for pre-damaging wheels and testing failure behaviour (in compliance with AKR specifications). The drop height and applicable drop masses for this test bench allow for all kinds of impact and crash.

With supported speeds of up to 300 km/h the high-speed external drum test bench (HATOR) enables the examination of half-axle components under conditions close to reality (operating load simulation test).

Our Test Benches

Our material and fatigue strength testing laboratory is equipped with leading-edge technology for damage analysis and the determination of material parameters.

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