Acoustics Simulation and Data Analytics

Alongside test bench measurements, simulation methods deliver significant findings with regard to noise generation and the source of vibrations. The interaction of tests and simulation permits in-depth analysis and generation of a solid and validated basic model for elaborating and verifying major optimisation proposals.

Our detailed analyses based on simulations and measurement data enable a better understanding of the transmission of vibrations in the structure and the propagation of air-borne noise in the passenger compartment. We readily support our customers in the elaboration and implementation of improvements. The focus here is on how passengers subjectively perceive noise.

Furthermore, we propose the visualisation and evaluation of noise sources generated by the external flows around the vehicle at different driving speeds. Here we implement the latest calculation methods in the domain of aero-acoustics.



  • Determination of dominant transmission paths for structure-borne noise
  • Visualisation of response spectra with varying excitation profiles
  • Visualisation of relevant structure vibrations with respect to noise development
  • Evaluation of bearing elements for optimum noise reduction


  • Assessment of measured signals according to sycho-acoustic findings with regard to the subjective perception of noise


  • Determination of the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) distribution in the passenger compartment
  • Visualisation of vehicle flows and sources of noise at different speeds
  • Elaboration of improvement proposals concerning noise development in the passenger compartment and outside