Validation of Sensors for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and for Highly Automated and Autonomous Driving Functions

The IABG supports its customers in the early design stage with analytical methods (safety assessment). The chosen safety architecture is examined using modelling, simulation and subsequent validation in compliance with the relevant standards.

Test facilities, simulators and hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) tests provide support from the prototype phase through to product qualification.

The vertical dynamic structural test bench (VESPA) meets all the requirements for inspecting sensors and sensor systems on complete vehicles.


  • Function and performance analyses under the influence of mechanical and climatic loads
  • Endurance tests
  • Calibration and alignment of sensors in different vehicle poses
  • Optional integration of target generators
Technical Data

Dynamic Tests

  • Simulation of the vibration effects of different road surfaces
  • Simulation of pitch and roll manoeuvres

Static Tests

  • Reproducible setup of static vehicle poses
  • Pitch and roll positions, adjustable individually and in combination