Engine & Powertrain

To qualify engine and powertrain components it is necessary make diverse tests and examinations in the development process.

Spectrum of our test centre for fatigue strength:

  • Time and cost-optimised thermo-mechanical fatigue testing of cylinder heads on our unique cylinder head test benches
  • Internal pressure testing of diesel and petrol fuel injector rails and their components on our high-pressure (up to 3,000 and 4,000 bar) and low-pressure (up to 350 bar) test benches
  • Crankcase and crankshaft testing on the HYDRA hydraulic test facility
  • Acoustic measurements in anechoic chambers
  • Splash water testing of engine and exhaust gas components
  • Temperature, climate and altitude chambers for testing the starting behaviour of engines and vehicles
  • Testing of electric motors under the influence of dust
  • Qualification of high-voltage storage systems
  • Corrosion testing
  • Application metrology on crankshafts, for example
  • Testing of valve springs on the IABG valve spring test bench