Splash water tests are used to verify the resistance to thermal shocks of components and systems (in compliance with ISO 16750-1 to -5) that are located in the splash water zone of a vehicle. This test is also employed to check the tightness of housings and casings.

A splash of cold water causes a thermal shock similar to when a vehicle drives through a pothole filled with water. The test item (e.g. an engine component) and the test chamber are heated for the test and then splashed with cold water.

Technical data:

  • Effective interior dimensions (L x B x H): 1.20 m x 0.80 m x 0.40 m
  • Temperature range (test item): room temperature up to 140°C maximum
  • Water temperature: 0 to 4 °C
  • Splash duration: maximum 5 s, two splash jets
  • Test medium: distilled water with or without Arizona dust, saltwater also possible
  • Cycles: freely programmable temperature, automatic splashing
  • Testing in compliance with ISO 16750, for example, and customer-specific regulations
  • Online test/ functional test
  • Interface to test item control available

Typical Test Items:

  • Mounted parts on engine
  • Brake system
  • Side mirrors
  • Aerials
  • Pressure switches
  • Valves
  • Housings