In the land domain we bundle expertise with regard to all tasks and challenges, capabilities and resources of land-based systems and operations.

Our customers hereby profit from result-oriented, innovative and effective concepts and solutions and our specialized competence, both in the technical as well as in the military/operational field.

We support our customers from the public sector and the world of business as manufacturer-independent consultant with the 

  • capability analysis
  • onceptual design
  • development
  • procurement
  • use 

of manned and unmanned land-based systems and soldier equipment.

Our core services include:

  • Capability, needs, and performance analysis
    • Operational and technico-scientific analyses of system elements, among others, command and communication, sensor systems, armament, protection and survivability, mobility, sustainability/logistics, ll the way to the evaluation of overall systems .
    • Development of possible future scenarios and tactical situations as well as detailed threat analyses for various analysis tasks.
  • Programme management/project support
    Procurement management and project support of military procurement programmes in all phases, from conceptual design, to the start of the operation, among other features, via: needs analyses, efficient project monitoring during the development and implementation phase, approval & qualification support, acceptance and verification of operational employment.
  • Modelling and simulation
    • Conceptual design, development and operation of simulation tools and simulators for performance analysis, process development, verification of manufacturer requirements.
    • Development of simulation architectures.
    • Cross-sector services for networked and distributed simulations.
  • Concept development and experimentation (CD&E)
    Concept development as well as design and development of demonstrator solutions, founded examination and tests of concepts and solutions on the basis of experiments and field tests.

Our experienced, integrated team of scientists, specialised technical and trained military personnel uses suitable methods and procedures from the broad spectrum of our relevant research, know-how and application ranges.

In the complex environment of current and future tasks, necessary capabilities and available resources, we are thus able to offer to our customers an optimised benefit-use ratio while continuously adjusting the respective capability profiles.