Today the supply of land, maritime and air forces covers much more than the mere time and site-related provision of personnel and material. Under the given economic conditions the respectively trained soldier must be enabled with the right material at the right time to generate the desired impact and to maintain the effect as well. This is what the entire logistics system must be aligned to.

Our expertise:

  • Logistic strategy
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
  • Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Cost estimation and profitability analysis to optimise efficiency

With our extensive experience, we  accompany our customers already in the initial phase. We analyse future requirements. We consult on all ILS aspects and support the definition of necessary, attainable and affordable measures. In addition to that, we also support our customers with regard to procurement, implementation and use. On basis of the specific demands and basic conditions we determined, we develop unique or continuous optimal solutions and supply chains.