Military procurement processes have various cost structures across their entire life cycle, thus from beginning of the analysis up to the disposal of the system. Many projects showed that the subsequent costs often constitute a substantial portion of the entire life cycle costs after the procurement. In particular with military programs are demands for ability and - requires a constant change submitted. This questions the usefulness starting from a certain utilization phase.

We help you to avoid uneconomic decisions to recognize tendencies and signs for this and to define and develop promptly alternatives and replacement requirements. Due to our expert's assessment of many years and we are common to our operational total understanding able with you:

  • to regard during the formulation of demands in the analysis and realization costs and use for the life cycle comprehensively,

  • to support during the evaluation of financialeffective decisions regarding the entire life cycle,

  • To forecast expenditures and incomes the far over current financial and financial year valide,

  • for necessary replacements of investments promptly and would wind the necessary economical framework up to measure and plan,

  • To evaluate influences of decisions on other CPM projects qualitatively and quantitatively, over

  • to guarantee by all CPM phases the evaluation of costs and use.

Our expert's assessments:

  • Cost analyzes and cost estimation
  • Economy evaluations
  • Development of alternative scene airs and alternative strategies