We use our national and world-wide security-political experience and our networking and co-operation of many years in the context of the security-political community. Together with our customers we create future analyses and implement concrete projects with security and defence-policy affiliation.

We offer:

  • Security-political analysis
    including trend analyses focusing on security-political challenges and developments, analysis of operation and conflict areas, analysis of concrete new threats
  • Interdisciplinary method knowledge
    Our method portfolio reaches from qualitative-sociological instruments such as interviews, text analyses, war gaming & experimentation, scenario methods etc., all the way to mathematical-statistic applications and computer-assisted simulations

Project examples include interview and literature-based evaluations of current operations and recommendations for politics and capability development, as well as the analysis of non-governmental perpetrators in crisis areas. We resort, in particular, to the expertise of our human factors specialists. In a joint effort we examine origin, motivation, behavioural patterns, and organisation forms of perpetrators and provide concrete recommendations on adequate counter measures.