Generation of target vulnerability models

A vulnerability model of the appropriate target is an indispensable precondition for any realistic vulnerability/ weapon effectiveness analysis. A vulnerability model consists of a geometry model, physical description, and functional model as well as distribution functions to guarantee a target description as realistic as possible. The CAD tool-produced geometry model is a detailed three-dimensional illustration of the target including all its dimensions, structures, wall diameters and arrangement of components and groups. The physical description shows used materials and the degree of filling of the components. The functional model comprises the allocation of components to failure criteria such as mobility, fire power and communication as well as their criticality in form of a functional/ error tree. The probability of damage or loss of components by penetrating parts or pressure effects is outlined in form of distribution functions.

Our expertise:

  • CAD modelling
    • use of state-of-the-art CAD software
    • operation standard interfaces
    • integration of 3D laser scan data
    • visualisation/ animation
  • Target vulnerability
    • founded target information
    • national standard
    • international comparability