The systems engineering describes the interdisciplinary approach that outlines the entire process of transformation of requirements into a technical solution.

When dealing with the maritime sector the entire chain – starting from the implementation of operational demands to a technical concept, all the way to the finished system – has to be considered in its entirety and full complexity.

We examine all details of this overall system chain in the context of the qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

Our expertise:

  • Investigation and analysis of user demands
  • Available technology level
  • System concepts and drafts
  • Analysis and evaluation of
    • sensor systems
    • effectors
    • communication
    • command systems
    • IT security
    • safety
    • Life Cycle Costs (LCC)
    • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
    • Human  Factors Integration (e.g. regarding multi-crew concepts, behaviour in stress situations, ergonomics etc.)
    • vulnerability