Urban Analyses - 3D City Models

Cities and municipalities are increasingly providing their citizens and administrators with 3D city models. The level of detail ranges from simple block models (LoD 1) to complex building models (LoD 3).

City models serve many purposes:

  • City and urban development planning
  • Noise and pollution forecasts
  • Urban climate
  • Solar cadastre
  • Assessing heat requirements
  • Heavy rainfall management
  • Applications planning

These models are also used to illustratively present the municipalities in the areas of tourism and marketing.

High-precision building landscapes are modeled by photogrammetric analysis. Simpler city models are produced using the partly automatic Semi-Global-Matching Process, which creates a surface model of the urban area. Both techniques use aerial images that have a resolution of 8 cm to 20 cm.

Our services

  • Advice on the appropriate procedures
  • Procurement of the basic data
  • Site and building extraction
  • Modeling

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Trailer IABG Solar Cadastre