Urban Analyses - Green Space Cadastre

Tree cadastre – cemetery cadastre – playground cadastre

Urban green spaces in parks, tree-lined avenues, school sport facilities, are valuable elements of a well-rounded and high-quality city or municipality image. Digital green space cadastres enable the efficient management and maintenance of green space facilities, parks, playgrounds, and cemeteries, as well as center strip and roadside greenery. They support the operations of personnel and machinery and are used for the planning and fulfillment of the statutory traffic safety requirements.

Objects such as single trees, lawns, shrubs, bushes, and many more are precisely recorded using current aerial images of a suitable resolution and are organized in a database together with the necessary describing data and corresponding orthophotos. The tree cadastre provides the basis for the further attribution of the trees with regard to tree species, maintenance measures, checks.

Additional elements such as buildings, park benches, playground equipment, paths, access roads, and fountains complete the data inventory..

Our services

  • Procurement of aerial images
  • Development of mapping keys
  • Interpretation of aerial images
  • Generation of single tree cadastres
  • Mapping of green spaces
  • Creation of maps and databases
  • Generation of orthophotos

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Urban Analyses - Green Space Cadastre

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