Urban Analyses - Road Cadastres

Traffic areas and their infrastructure are among the most important assets of any municipality. A road cadastre depicts the road network in terms of type, location, and features in a GIS-executable manner, which means that the cadastre can be linked to many other types of geodata. This ensures that every road section is attributed with the necessary specialized information for care and maintenance measures, valuation.

The data is usually acquired by digitally mapping current aerial images of high spatial resolution. In doing so, transport areas are recorded and individually distinguished according to their function and surface type. In addition, road inventory objects such as traffic lights, street lighting, and drains, as well as center strip and roadside greenery are obtained. In a similar manner, the transport areas can also be linearly captured and linked with the desired properties in a node-edge model.

Our services

  • Advice on selecting a suitable method
  • Procurement of the basic data
  • Digitization of the road network
  • Generation of a node-edge model
  • Attribution of the road network

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Urban Analyses - Road Cadastres

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